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Who We Help

At Rathmines & Greystones Pain & Injury Clinics, we are dedicated to helping individuals who have been struggling with longstanding, unresolved pain and movement limitations. Our unique hybrid approach combines various effective techniques, including Neuromuscular therapy, Neurokinetic therapy, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation, Anatomy In Motion, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, manual therapy, therapeutic medical exercise, trigger point dry needling, and Muscle Energy Technique.

Specializing in Resolving Longstanding Pain

We specialize in the resolution of longstanding pain, particularly in the lower back and knee areas. If you have been dealing with persistent discomfort that has not responded to previous physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, or massage treatments, we are here to provide you with a fresh perspective and effective solutions.

Our Ideal Client

Our ideal client is a health-conscious individual who is highly motivated to overcome their pain and improve their overall well-being. They have likely tried various treatment modalities before but have not found long-term relief. Our clients are eager to learn, willing to commit to a patient approach, and actively participate in their own healing process.

What Sets Us Apart

We feel what sets us apart is our ability to delve deep into the root cause of pain through our unique and detective-like assessment process. By combining multiple therapeutic approaches into personalized programs, we ensure that our treatments are precisely tailored to each individual's specific needs. Education and understanding are integral to our sessions, empowering our clients to take an active role in their recovery journey.


Hear from Our Clients

Neil- Portobello:

"I came to John Shevlin with a range of issues and nagging pains throughout my body, but my main concern was persistent knee pain that was hindering my ability to play football. John, our exceptional physiotherapist, conducted a thorough assessment to identify muscle deficiencies and designed a comprehensive action plan to improve my performance and core strength. I gained valuable knowledge about my body and received exercises that I could easily incorporate into my daily routine to enhance flexibility and overall strength. The sessions were conducted in a relaxed yet goal-oriented manner. John's expertise and commitment have consistently exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend him enough. He is a brilliant physiotherapist and an expert in Neuromuscular therapy."

Sharon-Co. Louth:

"I had the pleasure of working with John at John Shevlin Pain & Injury Specialists. He is easy to communicate with and genuinely listens to your concerns. His extensive experience and use of various tools allowed us to achieve the discussed goals. I underwent deep laser tissue therapy, which significantly helped me recover post ACDF surgery. John also provided me with valuable homework exercises, going above and beyond the paid package. The results were worth every penny, as I experienced reduced pain and regained freedom of movement. I highly recommend checking out his services, especially considering the convenient appointment reminders and flexible scheduling options."

Ian - Co. Cork

"I visited John in March to address a longstanding back problem. It was an eye-opening experience as he took a holistic approach to understand the root cause of my back pain, rather than merely treating the symptoms. It turned out that a significant childhood injury was contributing to my current condition. John's approachability, insightful explanations, and exercise recommendations made a noticeable difference. I continue to see him to strengthen my back and prevent future issues. I cannot speak highly enough of his expertise and dedication."

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