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A message from clinic founder John Shevlin Pain & Injury Specialist.






I became inspired to be a therapist after rupturing my anterior cruciate

ligament many years ago.

Through that process I developed a passion for learning about and working with the human body. I qualified as Neuromuscular Therapist in 2010 and began working from Swan Leisure in Rathmines that same year. In the past 10 years I have been fortunate enough to work with Leinster Rugby, The Australian Men's Rugby team, the Dublin Senior Football team, the Sri Lankan Men's Cricket team and the England Woman's Senior Rugby squad. I have also gained assistant teaching roles with U. S. companies such as Functional Movement Systems and Neurokinetic Therapy.

The process I use consists of finding your baseline postural, functional neurological and movement habits, followed by treatment and movement reintegration. This process also helps identify how the individual can best help themselves without relying purely on the therapist.

I use a number of cutting-edge, integrated therapeutic and movement approaches, including NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT), Anatomy in Motion (AiM), The SFMA- Selective Functional Movement Assessment and the FMS- Functional Movement Assessment all off which help identify the cause of pain as well as treat the symptoms- what’s working well, what’s not working so well and what you can do about it. The cause may be due to an old trauma, scars or repetitive strain and may be some distance from the present complaint and may have happened years ago, but has lead to compensations/reorgainisation of movement. This reorganisation may not be the most efficient strategy and in time can lead to pain.

I also factor in any psychological/emotional/negative beliefs that can drive an experience of pain.

A change in mindset/beliefs can greatly enchance the therapeutic response.

People who choose to work with me, regularly tell me:

They thought the pain would go away by itself but it didn’t.

They were told to rest and/or take anti-inflammatories by doctors which didn’t help.

They’ve been told by a friend or family member that ‘you’re just getting old’ and it’s normal to have this pain’.

They’ve tried other Health Professionals, but were not listened to or only given a short, rushed session.

They’ve tried some exercises on YouTube which only gave a little short term relief, or didn’t help at all. Leaving them confused and a little worried.

They feel ‘broken’ or ‘can’t be fixed'. If this sounds familiar, then I can help you to get back feeling great again and doing the things you love.​If you’re in pain or having problems with any of the following symptoms, then you can be confident that our treatments can​ BENEFIT YOU GREATLY.


Met Rachael O' Rourke Neuromuscular Therapist. 
Hi my name is Rachael, qualified NMT  and I am passionate about blending my love for sports with my expertise in soft tissue injuries. As someone who has played at high levels in both camogie and Gaelic football. I understand the frustration and setbacks that injuries bring. It’s the personal experience that drives my commitment to helping others overcome their physical challenges and get back to doing what they love most! With a tailored approach to each patient’s needs and goals, I strive to not only help heal injuries but also to prevent future injuries ensuring a long and healthy sporting journey for every individual I work with.  Whether you're an athlete or a person that suffers with any sort of discomfort , I'm here to support you on your path to recovery and peak performance!

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